BRAVO ACADEMY and NEW MUSIC THEATRE INTENSIVES is committed to developing contemporary Canadian musicals specifically for youth and teen performers and to training emerging artists while working on innovative and new musicals in development.  We continue to produce our productions abiding to COVID policies whether it be virtual or as an in-person livestream production.

BRAVO ACADEMY and NEW MUSIC THEATRE INTENSIVES is committed to developing contemporary Canadian musicals specifically for youth and teen performers and to training emerging artists while working on innovative and new musicals in development. New Music Theatre Intensives is committed to developing contemporary Canadian musicals specifically for youth and teen performers. Allowing young artists the rare opportunity to work with writers and create and develop a role for the first time.

Bravo Academy’s New Music Theatre Intensives premiered in 2013. The program was created to provide INNOVATIVE music theatre training, specializing in CONTEMPORARY musicals for our next generation of performers. Giving them the EXPERIENCE and opportunity to be led by a team of respected industry professionals. Since its inaugural performance, the program has produced eight inventive productions including multiple WORLD PREMIERES and a SOLD-OUT, CRITICALLY-ACCLAIMED remount of Drama 101 at the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2019. It has grown from one intensive to five intensives per year. Each one comprised of a small group of talented and skilled performers admitted via audition.


New Music Theatre Intensives provide innovative, modern, advanced and highly specialized music theatre training for both young and emerging artists. Through producing contemporary music theatre, our intensive programs assist and advance artists as they work towards professional careers. We strive to challenge and educate artists to reach their potential. We aim to develop and produce new Canadian musicals and work with leading Canadian professionals and artists.

  • I loved being a part of Bravo's NMTI program! Not only did I get to work with amazing people, but I also got to experience what it's like to put on and workshop a new show. Throughout my time at Bravo, I participated in several NMTI productions such as Crack of Doom and #Hashtag the musical. When COVID hit I was so disappointed that I wouldn't be able to do one last workshop before I left for University. But the team at Bravo was able to come together and put on a zoom production of Super School. This was such an amazing and unique experience. Bravo was one of the first LIVE virtual productions and I learned so many new skills by doing theatre online. Overall NMTI is a very rewarding and fun program that I'm grateful to have been a part of.
    Jeri Leader
    Teen Intensive Participant
  • I have taken part in many NMTI shows, and loved every minute of it! It has been amazing to work on new musicals and professionals in the industries. I have learned so much from these experiences and highly recommend taking part in one of these amazing shows!
    Jaime Polisuk
    Teen Intensive Participant
  • Being a part of NMTI allowed me to explore my abilities as a performer while constantly striving for growth and collaboration. NMTI introduced me to writers and lyricists looking to expand my musical knowledge and push me to feel comfortable when asking questions or voicing my own opinions in a fast-paced environment. Working with other students on unique pieces allowed for bonding and collaboration that I would not have experienced when preparing a previously done show. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had with Bravo’s NMTI program and could not recommend it enough for the performer looking to expand their comfort zone and create something magnificent!
    Lauren Nathens
    Teen Intensive Participant
  • Having the opportunity to create and develop a brand new musical takes time, resources, willing talented people, and most importantly, faith. Bravo Academy gave Steven Gallagher and I all of these things in abundance on our show Drama 101. We are so grateful to have had this opportunity, and are so proud of what the Emerging Artist Ensemble accomplished thanks to the facilitation and support of Bravo.
    Kevin Wong
    Music Director, Composer/Lyricist
  • Being part of Bravo Academy's NMTI was an incredible experience. Melissa and her team were so supportive, helpful and encouraging of our creative process. The space is beautiful and the young performers are exceptional.
    Matt Murray
    Director, Writer
  • Bravo Academy's New Music Theatre Intensives was instrumental in the development of our musical, Drama 101. From the initial idea leading up to a workshop production, Bravo provided the resources and support to help us realize the potential of our new show. Bravo will offer dramaturgical support, directors, musical directors and wonderful young actors to make sure that your musical gets the first production it deserves. It was an incredible experience that helped us to hone our skills as music theatre writers and I would recommend to anyone interested in developing their new piece.
    Steven Gallagher
    Director, Writer
  • The opportunity to be a part of a new work is not something I thought I would be able to experience so young.To be able to have a personal and special relationship with people who are as creative and caring is something that I will continue to cherish. In such an intense environment your skills are honed to a new edge.
    Ben Page
    Emerging Artist
  • The Intensive programs gave me the opportunity to not only increase my network of connections in the Toronto theatre community and build my skills, but to do so while engaging in the fantastically enjoyable process of workshopping a new musical under the guidance and leadership of some truly noteworthy and inspirational individuals from the professional world.
    Blake Crawford
    Emerging Artist, Student